He begins by rolling the underside of my pant legs up and the highest of my stocking down whereas I’m mendacity on a therapy mattress. He then dabs a cotton swab dipped in alcohol on the within of each legs simply above the ankles. He repeats this course of however simply to the within of the shinbone about eight inches increased. Then he inserts these skinny, hole needles about 5 inches lengthy, into the flesh whereas twirling the needle. He skips the torso and strikes to the hand.

First, he rolls my sleeves up above the elbow, after which he applies the alcohol and lastly the twirling of the needle. This he does the place the crease ends separating the thumbs from the index finger and just under the elbow on the outer half of the arm. He then repeats the method on the aspect of the neck in two places, between the eyes and the highest of the ear, just under the eyes and one within the heart and above the eyes. Then he begins on the top, two on all sides. One simply above the again of the ear and the opposite simply above the entrance half of the ear. Two extra on all sides of the top about halfway between the crown and the ear and lastly, one on the very crown of the top.

The nurse then attaches a clip linked to wire that feeds right into a management field. After all of the clips are affixed, she turns them on, one by one. She asks if I really feel the electrical cost and whether it is to low or too excessive. After adjustment, she strikes on to the following wire. When all of the wires are working, she says she’s going to see me in 45 minutes and leaves the room. Typically there’s one other affected person on a process desk about 6 ft away. cost is mounted for about 5 seconds then it pulses slowly for about four seconds. That is repeated for the whole process. That is Acupuncture for smoking cessation.

I began my ‘quit smoking plan’ 12 days in the past on Monday, January 2 2006. It requires smoking 1 much less cigarette every day till, 56 days later I hope to be ‘smoke free’. My first Acupuncture therapy was on Thursday, January 5, 2006 four days into my plan.

The second therapy was on Saturday, January 7, 2006. The third therapy was on Tuesday, January 10, 2006. The forth therapy was on Thursday January 12, 2006.

Right this moment is Saturday, January 14, 2006 and the fifth therapy is scheduled for two:30 PM.

I then begin one therapy every Saturday till the top.

Right this moment I get to smoke 44 cigarettes. This seems like lots however I’m used to smoking three packs a day, which suggests a cigarette each time I really feel like one. Now, I’m on a set determine and it’s a problem. I attempt to have non-smoking hours however am not inflexible. If I solely smoke three cigarettes in a smoking hour after I was allotted four, I can smoke the ‘further’ cigarette each time I select. I have never determined precisely what I plan to do after I get right down to 20, 15, 10 and 5 cigarettes a day. After meals? With Espresso? After I stand up within the morning? Earlier than I’m going to mattress? All of that is to be labored out.

Monday I’m calling Allister. He’s a British ‘EXPAT’ (International Nationwide dwelling overseas) that practices ‘ACUPRESSURE’ and claims to do ‘HYPNOSIS’. He gave a lecture at an ‘EXPAT’S’ assembly I attended and claims that the procedures work. The ‘Acupressure’ is meant to final three hours throughout a single go to. The ‘Hypnosis’ was not talked about and isn’t described in his brochure. I intend on using each procedures to the best extent attainable.
As well as, I intend to buy a ‘quit smoking drug’ out there right here in Thailand (and I feel all around the world) that has 60 tablets that I presume include some type of Nicotine inhibitor. I plan to begin to take them after I attain 1 pack or 20 cigarettes a day.

I’m going to attempt ‘Substitute Psychology’ by changing the smoking of a cigarette with the ‘consuming of a pistachio nut’.

Lastly, ‘MANTRAS’. I’m an enormous believer in ‘MANTRA’S. I resumed my train program on the 2nd of January and have managed to finish the whole program 12 consecutive days. I needed to cease this system as a result of the TEFL (Educating English as a International Language) coaching program occupied all my time, the climate was rain and chilly, I used to be touring to Chaing Mai and Penang and I feel I grew to become a bit lazy.

If I had an excuse, I used it. Total, I feel I missed 5 or 6 weeks. This system requires a set quantity of:

1. Leaping Jacks-5.

2. Operating in Place-50 (every left foot equals one rely).

three. Twist the physique from the left to the appropriate with arms prolonged,
rolling them-50 occasions to every aspect.

four. Leaping Jacks-5.

5. Operating in Place-50 (every left foot equals one rely.

6. Bend the higher physique, from arching backwards to parallelto the floor-50 occasions every manner.

7. Leaping Jacks-5.

eight. Operating in Place-50 (every left foot equals 1 rely.

9. Bend the higher physique to the left after which to the right-50 occasions every manner.

10. Knee bends-5 Glass Pipes.

11. Touching the tows-5, each ft equal a rely of one.

12. Push-ups-5.

13. Sit up’s-5.

14. Leg Scissors-5 (Mendacity susceptible, elevate the legs 45 levels, separate,carry collectively and down.

15. four laps of swimming (again stroke) within the pool (about 170/180 strokes).

16. Stroll ½ mile (From the pool to the top of constructing complicated 1, round again and previous the pool, previous constructing complicated 2, round it to the entrance of constructing complicated 2 the place I dwell.

Whereas I do the laps and take the stroll I say in my thoughts sure ‘Mantras’ that reaffirm my intention to stop smoking.

Lastly, I’ve decreased my weight from 275 to 249 however appear to be caught on 249. I’m pondering of some measures to handle this as I had hoped to be right down to about 230 on Monday, February 27, 2006 after I return to Chicago.


A Plan to Cease Smoking

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