Biodiesel reactor GlobeCore

The start probably comes from the fact that the transition from fossil sources to ethanol and biodiesel brings with it many environmental benefits. The main one is renewability. If the oil extracted from the subsoil is not recovered, then vegetable raw materials are used for the production of biodiesel, which is supplied by agricultural enterprises every year. Growing raw materials for biofuels can be inside your own country, thus reducing dependence on oil imports.


Analysis of harmful emissions suggests that the use of biodiesel and ethanol is accompanied by the release of much smaller amounts of harmful substances than when working with gasoline and other petroleum products.


Comparing biofuels with other alternative energy sources (sun, water, wind), it’s hard not to notice that people and businesses have no problems moving it without using special equipment, or replacing it in a vehicle or in a home heating system. It is enough just to use the vehicle and load the tank filled with biofuel onto it. But it is necessary to understand that the transition of the car to ethanol also cannot be completely painless. Therefore, it is necessary to initially purchase a multi-fuel vehicle model. Although diesel engines can run on biofuels in much the same way as diesel engines.


Experts say that at the moment, consider biologic fuels as the only alternative to petroleum products is not worth it, since it will take a long time to rebuild people’s minds and complete replacement of cars that are not adapted to biofuel.


Another important question: is there enough agricultural facilities to fully ensure the transition to biofuels? Skeptics are inclined to believe that for this it is necessary to sow with appropriate crops almost the rest of the territory, under which there are now forests and open space. Another controversial issue is the ratio of the energy required for production and the energy that is obtained when using biofuels. There are several studies for certain types of plant mass, but they are not enough to draw general conclusions.


But many scientists agree on one thing: there is no simple and quick solution for the replacement of mineral resources. Most likely, if this happens, it will be achieved solely through a combination of several alternative sources: wind energy, ocean currents, the sun and, of course, biofuels.


The biodiesel reactor (reactors) produced by our company have a capacity from 1000 to 16000 liters per hour, while obtaining biodiesel (methyl ether) is possible from any type of vegetable oils and animal fats.


In addition, on these biodiesel plants it is possible to obtain Biodiesel from refried oil, Biodiesel from algae, Biodiesel from fuz.


Biodiesel reactor GlobeCore

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